h@H has 3 multi-disciplinary teams, one in each of the regions, South, North and North-west of Tasmania.

Our teams ensure that we provide client centred wrap around care, and work closely with each client, carer, GPs, Community Nurses, Specialist Palliative Care Services and other Community Support services to provide coordinated end of life care.

The Teams include:

Clinical Nurse Manager (CNM)

Clinical leadership and support for the Multi-Disciplinary team

CNM South  –  Helen Jarman, 2 Birdwood Ave Moonah, Hobart

CNM North & North West  –  Tim Nyborg, 1 14 Willis Street, Launceston & 92 Wilson Street, Burnie

Registered Nurse (RN)

RN Nursing expertise in planning client care.

Social Work (SW)

SW – Providing Allied health support to client and families during a difficult time.

Non Clinical Care Co-ordinator (CC)

CC – Ensuring appropriate care is provided from the right agency

Contact us:

For more information on accessing or referring someone to h@H

Phone | 1800 Hospice (1800 4677 423)

Email | enquiries@hospiceathome.org.au


2 Birdwood Avenue | Moonah | Hobart

Level 1 14 Willis  Street | Launceston

192 Wilson Street | Burnie

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We greatly appreciate the assistance, care, guidance and encouragement that you so readily gave to Mum and the family during her illness. Our time spent together at home may not have been possible without your help.