Just in Case Box


Self-directed learning package for Registered Nurses

Hello and welcome to the Just in Case Box Self Directed Learning Package.This package has been developed for any Registered Nurse in Tasmania that may be caring for a patient with a Just in Case Box in their home for their end of life symptom management.It has been designed to be flexible and can be undertaken in sections. It is anticipated that the learning activities will take approximately 1.5 hours and the quiz will take 30 mins.On completing the post education survey, you will be sent a Certificate of Completion that will contribute to 3 CPD points. If you go on to do the reflective activity you will be able to claim a further 1 CPD point.

The Just in Case Box initiative will be delivered to 40 patients between June 2016 and June 2017 and all patients who receive one will be clearly identified with their Participants of Care. It is therefore important that Registered Nurses familiarise themselves with the procedures and guidelines in order for the Just in Case Box to be ordered, accessed, used and returned safely.

The learning outcomes for this package are;

  • To learn about the national, evidence based frameworks which this initiative is based,
  • To become aware of the consultation process and how the initiative was established,
  • To understand the guidelines and procedures in regards to the eligibility, ordering, delivering, communicating, storing, accessing, using and returning the Just in Case Box.
  • Feel confident in where you can find help and information.


PART 1: Complete pre-education survey online by visiting


PART 2: Listen to the power point presentation titled “Just in Case Box Presentation”. Ensure that following that presentation you;

  • Know how and where to access the Guidelines and read them.
  • know how and where to access the procedure and read it
  • know how and where to access a DEMO kit
  • know how and where to access a Caring Safely at Home DEMO packs


PART 3: Familiarise yourself the Frequently Asked Questions and the video titled “The Development of the Just in Case Box, Hobart Forum, 28th April 2016:


PART 4: Complete the online quiz by visiting

OR by printing off the paper version and sending/scanning to Emma Curnin at The District Nurses

paper based quiz

  • 20 true/false questions
  • 20 multiple choice questions
  • 10 short answer questions


PART 6: Complete post-education survey online by visiting

You will be notified of your quiz result in person by the email address you provide.


PART 7: Ongoing education and reflection

You can go on to complete a 250 word reflective activity about a Just in Case Box interaction. This forms part of the continuous quality improvement process and ensures that all RNs feel well supported and competent to be participating in the Just in Case Box initiative.

The Just in Case box identifies the need for anticipatory prescribing for patients at the end of life. The provision of non PBS medication, which can be financially burdensome for patients and families who don’t have access through the hospitals, is a strength of the initiative – Palliative Care Physician


The concept of the emergency box with thorough education and training for all participants in care is a very good one which will make caring for people who are dying at home less intimidating for family members and perhaps General Practitioners and Community Health Nurses                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              – Community Health Nurse