Published Reports

Click Interim Report October 2015

Professor Hal Swerissen is an expert on health policy and program development. He has been a senior ministerial adviser on health for the Commonwealth Government and ministerial advisor to the Victorian Government on community services. Professor Swerissen has an extensive research record in the design and development of primary health and community services and he was one of the key designers of the Commonwealth COAG health reform process and an architect of the coordinated care trials. He is a director of Bayside Health, which is one of the largest public health services in Australia and was a director of Dental Health Services Victoria from 2003-2006. He has published more than 100 books, articles, reports and conference papers on health and community services policy and programs.

His presentation ‘Change to Die‘ commissioned out of the Grattan Institue for The Hobart District Nursing Service is presented below. Please feel free to download or review online.

Click Change to Die to download a PDF copy of this Presentation.