What is hospice@HOME



What is hospice@HOME?

h@H is a client centred, multidisciplinary approach to the delivery of in-home, community based end of life services. h@H is a single point of referral and assessment followed by the development of a comprehensive and coordinated package of care developed through a holistic approach to meeting client needs in end of life care. ‘Wrap around’ Packages are developed in a manner that is fully inclusive of the client, their family, carers and the community in which they live. The packages are tailored to ensure that Tasmanians who would prefer to die at home are able to do so, and ensure their priorities for care are known and appropriately communicated.

h@H has a strong emphasis on care coordination.  Integrating and coordinating with existing services and networks – both building on the strengths of existing services and also delivering, or brokering improved access to, an additional network of services to meet identified gaps.

h@H is committed to addressing identified barriers to accessing community based end of life care (such as poor continuity of care, limited family support and inadequate access to services in rural and remote areas) and expand capacity to deliver multi-disciplinary home based palliative and end of life care through: education and training of health professionals; improvements in shared care; provision of rural and regional outreach services; and enhanced communication between services, service providers, clients and their families and carers.

What is wrap-around care?

‘Client directed’ services that meet the needs of the client and family to have the ability to stay in their home.

It can include a wide range of services and is inclusive of in-home nursing, personal care, respite, domestic support, transport and equipment.

Eligible clients will be referred to hospice@HOME for care coordination and needs assessment. hospice@HOME will provide care co-ordination in liaison with your current service providers and discuss with you the likely services required to assist with end of life care.

Where is it based?

hospice@HOME is a statewide service with offices in Launceston, Burnie and Hobart.

How can I be referred to this service?

The hospice@HOME project will no longer accept referrals after 31st March 2017.

Is there after hours support?

24 hour support is provided through a single call centre for telephone advice and ehealth initiatives.

Call 1800 4677 423

Who are The District Nurses?

The District Nurses have been providing in home community health nursing, domestic care, personal care, allied health and medical services care to Tasmanians since 1896.

Based in Tasmania’s South, The District Nurses are experts in a multi-disciplinary approach to care for clients supporting them in their own home.

Where did hospice@HOME come from?

hospice@HOME is funded by the Federal Government through the ‘Better Access to Palliative Care’ package to provide support for palliative care for all Tasmanians if they wish to die at home.

hospice@HOME will work with General Practitioners, community providers and specialist palliative care teams to optimise in home client care as directed by the patient and family.

I was very happy with the conversations I had with h@H staff.  They explained so much to me, things that I didn’t realise.  I was at ease with them and felt that I could ask personal things about my health.  Nothing was a problem for them and they took time to explain.